Eileen Harrow
Director Administrative Systems, Hillsborough Community College
“I found Jon to be an amazing telecommunications resource for New College.  He absorbed new information about our telco environment like a sponge and took the imitative for every opportunity to continue learning.  He excelled at applying what he learned to our everyday operational environment and strategically evaluating new solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency.  He always met every challenge with a smile and a positive attitude and would do whatever was needed to solve a problem quickly and accurately.  I would hire Jon in a heartbeat if I had an opportunity for him.” June 15, 2011

Ricky Fields
South-East Systems Engineer Mgr, 3COM
“Jon was a pleasure to work with. He did a fantastic job learning all the technology that was thrown at him in a very short time. He’s become the subject matter expert on several areas of technology at the college. What a very sharp engineer and great person.” April 9, 2009

Jud Clemmer
Account Executive, 3Com
“Jon is a true technologist and professional. By that I mean that I personally saw Jon thrown into tough situations that required a lot of dedication and personal effort to overcome. His work with the VoIP systems at New College was incredible and I found that after a short time he knew more than my System Engineers did about the solution. Jon is also a great communicator and I often used his expertise and experience to help other customers. Simply put he is a hard worker with a thirst to continuously improve himself and help his team.” April 8, 2009

Erich Matola
CIO, University of Wisconsin
“Jon was an integral part of my former IT organization at New College of Florida. Jon not only had a strong desire to learn any aspect of Telco or network technology we threw at him, but was a fast learner and took ownership of his new responsibilities immediately. I would rehire Jon any time and any place and have full confidence in his abilities, professionalism and work ethics.” April 7, 2009

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